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We are your personal partner in piling, sheet piling and foundation reinforcement. Wherever you are located around the world we can solve your foundation requirements safely and cost-effectively.

  • Piling

    Having installed millions of metres of piling we can confidently say we know our job. Pålab is one of the foremost piling experts in Scandinavia and our know-how gives us the market lead in several piling methods. Wherever you want to establish a base we can ensure that your site provides a stable, reliable and safe foundation on which to build.

  • Sheet piling

    Our experience with several methods of sheet piling ensures that you get support and ground stability when you excavate for various types of construction. Pålab’s equipment and personnel offer you both installation and pile hire. Our range of machines also includes equipment for lowering the groundwater level where required.

  • Foundation reinforcement

    We are experts in preserving and improving your existing property, plant or bridges. Our equipment allows us to carry out foundation reinforcement even in difficult or confined spaces. In combination with our expertise this offers you the best and most economical solution for preventing costly settlement in time.

Your complete expert in foundations

We offer a long list of leading services in foundation construction and always ensure that your solution is tailored to give the best results. Find out how we can help you with:

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Market leader with first-class personnel and machinery

Since 2003 we have completed thousands of foundation contracts and installed millions of metres of piling. This has made us the Scandinavian market leader in grouted piling 
and placed us at the cutting edge in several of our fields of expertise.

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