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Some brief facts about Pålab

Pålab’s business is founded on our fully integrated organisation, which means we can offer complete foundation solutions. The company currently has a turnover of approximately SEK 200 million and employs around 50 people. Our head office is in Kungälv, north of Gothenburg, and we have a branch office in Enköping through which we efficiently serve Stockholm, the Mälaren Valley and surrounding locations.

Pålab is a wholly Swedish company, founded in 2003. Since then we have continued to grow, surely and steadily. Today we have a fully integrated organisation with the machinery and personnel to tackle large and small assignments in piling, sheet piling and foundation reinforcement.

Around 15 staff are based in Kungälv, including Björn Peterson and Christian Nilverius, who own and manage the company. Our remaining employees are spread around Sweden, working on a variety of projects for our customers.

Our expertise in foundation construction means that we work all over the country and occasionally take on specific assignments abroad.

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You are warmly welcome to contact us if you would like a quote for any of our fields of work. Please give full details with your request, including a description of your project, construction documents and geotechnical information in a suitable file format (PDF, Excel or Word). If you wish to attach larger files, we recommend that you mail directly to offert@palab.eu.

Would you like to know more about us, our services or anything else? Contact us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to request a quote we ask you instead to use our dedicated form for quote requests.

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