Foundation reinforcement

For secure and stable properties

We are experts in preserving and improving your existing property, plant or bridges. Our equipment allows us to carry out foundation reinforcement even in difficult or confined spaces. In combination with our expertise this offers you the best and most economical solution for preventing costly settlement in time.

Pålab are specialists in foundation reinforcement. Thanks to the expertise of our personnel and our versatile equipment we can pile down and secure to bedrock for either an existing property or a structure that you want to protect. This enables us to stop or prevent settlement before it is too late.

Complete individual solutions with minimal impact

We take care of your foundation reinforcement from start to finish, and always adapt our approach to your requirements. We guarantee you a solution that combines minimal impact and good value, and includes excavation, reinforcement and casting. During this process we continually measure settlement to enable monitoring against an established control programme. Because our personnel are fully competent in this field we can undertake total contract responsibility and ensure the best complete solution.

Foundation reinforcement illustration
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