Groundwater Lowering

Groundwater lowering using the well point system

In addition to installing your sheet piling we can also offer groundwater lowering services. Lowering the groundwater level stabilises the soil and prevents ground heave. This ensures a stable foundation.

Groundwater lowering often leads to a reduction in costs, since the lower groundwater level simplifies your ongoing work. It improves safety and ground stability, while reducing the risk of ground heave in the base of your excavated area.

Local lowering with well points

We lower your groundwater level locally using the well point system, by installing wells with submersible pumps that extract the water under vacuum. At an early stage we can also carry out risk analyses for such systems, and if required install infiltration systems to prevent disturbance to nearby buildings. We determine the best solutions based on your applicable situation. Pålab has experience of groundwater lowering on large and small projects. By using innovative solutions and experienced personnel we can solve most problems.

Groundwater lowering illustration
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