Grouting – for a watertight seal

Thanks to our technical expertise, product know-how and environmentally improved materials we ensure you get a hundred-percent watertight seal in rock, concrete, soil and sheet piling. Our grouting is cost-effective since it is injected from inside, without any need for excavation.

Pålab’s grouting solutions guarantee good results. By only using grouting materials that are quality-approved and environmentally approved we can guarantee grouting that is one hundred percent watertight. Our grouting methods also ensure that the material that is grouted is restored to its original strength and stability.

Repairing your concrete structure

Underground concrete structures are often subject to harmful water pressure. We can repair your damaged building foundations, water reservoirs and basements. To ensure a watertight solution we usually use hydroactive polyurethane, which in combination with an epoxy compound normally allows us to re-bond cracked structures. Grouting can also be carried out with a micro-cement.

No leaking dams

Dams, landfills and lakes are some examples of the installations we can stabilise and seal with our soil grouting methods. This technology is also ideal for securing undermined buildings. Sealing can be achieved with hydroactive polyurethane in combination with cement, or by using either product alone in the soil layers.

Watertight piling

When it is more difficult to achieve watertight joints between sheet piling we can stop leaks at the foot of the piling regardless of whether the wall rests on rock or soil. For grouting at the foot of piling we use whichever materials provide the most effective watertight seal – sometimes in combination with cement.