Piling for a safer foundation and greater flexibility

Having installed millions of metres of piling we can confidently say we know our job. Pålab is one of the foremost piling experts in Scandinavia and our know-how gives us the market lead in several piling methods. Wherever you want to establish a base we can ensure that your site provides a stable, reliable and safe foundation on which to build.

Our expertise gives you more flexibility to exploit your site. We can carry out many different types of piling, which means there are fewer limits on your choice of site. Whether you require driven or drilled piling we can take care of your groundwork from start to finish. Thanks to our experience from thousands of piling contracts you get the best advice and solution based on your project requirements and geotechnical conditions.

Challenges bring out the best in us

We show our real strength when you face difficult conditions. Pålab leads the Scandinavian market in grouted piling that is well suited to difficult ground conditions. Our knowledge of geotechnical requirements and in the design and application of modern piling methods means that we can reinforce your site even when it is difficult to reach a stable base or achieve high sleeve friction. Grouted piling involves drilling in piles and injecting a cement slurry grout that mixes with and anchors the pile to the surrounding soil layer. Our grouted piling not only provides a stable foundation, it also complements conventional piling well, since it reduces the risk of settlement, noise and vibration. Because the piles are drilled and grouted at the same time this method is both cost-effective and saves time.

House piling with minimal disruption

Thanks to our personnel and range of machinery we can reinforce house foundations quickly and easily, whether for new builds or extensions. Our versatile machines allow us to access your foundation from a single direction. This also means that we leave minimal disruption, whatever the design of your house.

Concrete piles where geotechnical conditions are favourable

If the geotechnical conditions on your site are favourable we can offer concrete piling as the best and most cost-effective alternative. We have the necessary machinery and equipment to carry out both cohesion piling and end-bearing piling using concrete piles. Wood piling can also be used to supplement cohesion piling.

Steel core piles for demanding situations

Where loads are high and minimal disturbance is a priority we have the know-how and equipment to install all types of steel core piles. This solution is more costly but also meets the most demanding requirements.

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