Sheet piling

Sheet piling – for stable support

Our experience with several methods of sheet piling ensures that you get support and ground stability when you excavate for various types of construction. Pålab’s equipment and personnel offer you both installation and pile hire. Our range of machines also includes equipment for lowering the groundwater level where required.

We offer three different sheet piling methods and four different types of sheet piling. Thanks to our experience we can guarantee you the best alternative and results based on your site and construction conditions.

Interlocking piles for traditional protection

In this method, shaped steel piles are driven down and interlock with each to prevent water and soil from penetrating into the area that you want to excavate or protect. Interlocking piles can also be installed using vibratory hammers to ensure that the piles reach a stable depth.

Soldier piles for dealing with obstacles

If your site is stony or filled with other barriers, soldier piles may be the best alternative. Soldier piling can be installed by driving or pre-drilling. If installed by drilling, our machines can partially recess the piles in bedrock to ensure secure anchorage.

Drilled pipe piles for sensitive areas

If the site that you want to protect is so stony that driving is not possible, a good alternative is to use drilled pipe piles. Because this method causes minimum disturbance to the surroundings, drilled pipe piles are also suitable in especially sensitive areas. These piles can also be anchored in bedrock.

Drilled interlocking pipe piles for extra stability

Drilled interlocking pipe piles are the most stable solution we offer. This alternative is the most expensive, but is also the best for retaining soil and excluding water. All installation is by drilling and the piles can also be anchored in bedrock to improve stability.

Soil nailing as an alternative to piling

Soil nailing can be an economical alternative to piling where the soil has adequate cohesion and there is space for an embankment. In contrast to vertical piling, soil nailing is used on slopes that take up more space.

Sheet piling illustration
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