Soil Nailing

Soil nailing – keeping soil where it belongs

With soil nailing, we can ensure your soil stays where it is meant to be. We can stabilise slopes and embankments, as well as serpentine roads and recessed stretches of road. Our experienced personnel and range of machinery gives long-term soil stability on steep slopes.

Soil nailing secures steep natural and excavated slopes by increasing stability and preventing slides. Thanks to our technical know-how and equipment we can help you increase the flexibility of your site. Our soil nailing methods have been used, for example, in the construction of serpentine roads in mountainous areas and for reinforcing steep river banks in northern Sweden. Other applications include the laying of rail track and creating road cuttings. Soil nailing is also a cost-effective way of stabilising excavated pits and slopes, where sheet piling would be a costly alternative. If you are considering sheet piling, but feel that it is too expensive, you are welcome to contact to us to find out if soil nailing is a suitable alternative.

Complete solution – from excavation to nailing

Working together with an excavation contractor we create an excavated slope that is stabilised with soil nails. The desired slope is clad with geo-mesh and sprayed concrete. The soil nails are either driven or bored into the soil depending on the structure of the soil. The angled bars and concrete cladding ensure that the soil is securely retained.

Soil nailing illustration
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